New Orleans Magazine Names the 2020 Top Doctors

New Orleans Magazine August Top Doctors Issue

The Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy is multidisciplinary clinic delivering high quality patient services with compassionate and personalized care.

Dr. Luis M. Espinoza and Dr. William Sherman are Board Certified and Fellowship trained Orthopedic surgeons.  Dr. Chadwick Murphy is a Board Certified, Fellowship trained Pain Medicine/Interventional Spine specialist.

The Orthopedic Center welcomes the addition of Dr. Andrea Espinoza, Board Certified and Fellowhip trained in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.  She has brought her Pulmonary expertise back to Metairie with a specialty in prevention and lifestyle optimization for all patients.

With an on-site Physical Therapy department, MRI, X-Ray imaging, and Pulmonary Function testing, the Orthopedic Center provides total patient convenience.  

Dr. Luis M. Espinoza, Director of the OCSM, now leads the team as they provide arthroscopic procedures, joint replacemens, fracture care, spinal injections, worker's compensation care, as well as shoulder, hip and knee treatment.

Congratulations to the Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine and all the 2020 New Orleans 'Top Doctors'.

Luis M. Espinoza MD Dr. Espinoza served as the AAA Team Doctor for the the New Orleans Zephyrs/BabyCakes since joining the Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine in 2003. He is double board certified in General Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.

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