There is a script to each of our lives.

When we are younger, we are expected to have dreams, obstacles to those dreams and the fortitude to overcome what we do not know and what we cannot perform…yet.

So we train.

We pour all that we are into our goals.  

We PRETEND to be what we aspire to become.

We “see one, do one, teach one”.

We anticipate the FIGHT and prepare accordingly.


The bell rings…12 rounds.

There will be fatigue, frustrations, and FEAR. Embrace it all.

Each has a purpose.

The 24 by 24-foot mat will feel as though it is closing in at times.


We look to our corners. Trainers and coaches remind us to rest between rounds.

We lean against the ropes but must avoid getting stuck.

Keep training, Keep moving, Never stop learning.

There is no guarantee of “victory”.

Success is defined by simply getting into the ring.

Know your audience. Know that there IS an audience beyond the ring.

There are those watching who want the best for you...and there are those who do not.

Train your mind in mental toughness as much as you train your hands in skill and technique.

The ring can hold only 2 contenders at a time… is not built to hold those who have NOT chosen this career.

Our parents, spouse, children, friends, and neighbors watch us.

All wait patiently.

They wait to hold us, to heal us after a long match.

They are NOT the opponent.

They wait to listen, careful not to speak.

Give them your best. They have seen your worst-too many times.

Take off the gloves for those you love.

Make the most of the times you have with family.


LOVE reminds us that we are not fighting those outside of the ring.

WE must not bring the fight home.



Our patients watch us as well.

Recognize that there is always success, even in loss.

Surrender is not giving up.

Surrender is not giving in.

Surrender is looking up to the great writer of your life and asking for guidance.

It is listening, it is BEING not DOING.


The “final countdown” comes for us all eventually.

Be graceful in the small and dark moments.

Patients will read you and study you.

They too have trained for this fight.

Do not underestimate their role in your life.

They learn most from your surrender…when you are simply BEING HUMAN.

Remember this…

It is not WHAT but rather WHO we must be when we grow up.

But never grow up…enjoy the journey.


Researchers have found that the opposite of play is NOT work…it is DEPRESSION.


Play often.

And remember, it WILL BE HARD.


Your script and soundtrack is far from complete.

Remember the author who knows you best.

Your power IS from a HIGHER POWER.


Make a space where you can PRETEND often, regroup after being a formidable CONTENDER and SURRENDER fully.


Dr. Dre Espinoza


Fun Fact….

In February of 1977, Legendary Composer Bill Conti produced and released “Gonna Fly Now”.

The track is 2:48 in length…yet it seems to last forever in our hearts and minds.


Bill Conti graduated from LSU.


Andrea G. Espinoza MD Board Certified Pulmonologist Board Certified LifeStyle Medicine

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