Benefits of Annual Physical Therapy Assessments

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So you’re not having pain…Want to stay that way?


For years, people have associated going to physical therapy because of pain, injury or surgery. 

What if you went to see a physical therapist BEFORE you have problems with joints, mobility, balance?   


We go to our primary care physicians for yearly exams for preventative care. However, they are not experts in musculoskeletal care and prevention. Many are now referring for an annual wellness exam with physical therapists who ARE experts in human movement. 


Physical therapists specialize in biomechanical assessments of the body. PTs are training to help people maintain every level of activity, whether it is high level performance, weekend warriors, daily walks, or just staying independent in your home.  As we age, our bodies and activity levels change, and identifying problems, muscle imbalances, or mobility restrictions BEFORE injury or pain, can make a huge difference in long term outcomes. 


During your yearly Musculoskeletal Check up, the physical therapist will screen your general body and joint range of motion, flexibility and strength, and perform more specific assessments as needed based on your screen results. If necessary, they will provide a corrective exercise program, activity modifications, or plan of care.  Your check-up is completely individualized and customized to you and your daily activities and goals. Your annual check-up will help you address any issues in advance so you don’t have to stop the activities you enjoy doing.


Who Will Benefit from a PT Wellness Exam



                                BENEFITS OF ANNUAL PHYSICAL THERAPY CHECK-UP


Call our office at 504 - 899 -2663 for more information or to schedule your physical therapy wellness visit. 


OCSM: Physical Therapy at 4921 Airline Drive, Metairie, LA 70001 OCSM: Physical Therapy At OCSM, our Physical Therapy Department is committed to providing the highest quality of individualized patient care to promote rehabilitation with the goal of enhancing overall physical health, restoring functional movement, and improving quality or life. Our mission is to provide the best possible physical therapy services in a supportive, professional, and educational environment. We are dedicated to a team approach focusing on the comprehensive knowledge of our staff to understand the specific needs of each patient. We strive to deliver the appropriate treatment, education, medical resources, and leadership necessary to achieve your goals.

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