What is the best exercise for…?

OCSM Physical Therapy

As a physical therapist we often get asked “what is the best exercise for (insert painful or weak body part here)?” Unfortunately my answer is almost always the same, “it depends.” In physical therapy we prescribe exercises for countless reasons and to address a number of deficits and activities. Each exercise we choose has a purpose for each individual patient. Each patient presents to physical therapy with different needs and a different story. Each patient has his/her own pains, weaknesses, and strengths.

As physical therapists it is our job to carefully determine what are the best exercises for YOU. What are YOUR weaknesses? What tasks do YOU need to be able to perform? What do YOU like to do? What is most difficult for YOU and how can we address those things? There may not be a “best exercise” for any particular body part but there are certainly “best exercises” for YOUR specific deficits. Find a physical therapist that will listen to your story and address your specific needs and deficits so that you can return to the activities you want or need to do.

Calling for an evaluation is the first step in recovery through a personalized treatment plan.

Brad Holstein, PT Bradley Holstein, PT Brad Holstein is a Licensed Physical Therapist at the Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine. A New Orleans native, Brad attended Spring Hill College for his Bachelor of Science before becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant. After practicing as a PTA for 5 years, Brad continued his studies earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. He has spent his 7 years of clinical experience in outpatient orthopedics and has been with the OCSM family since 2019. Brad is married to his wonderful wife Ashley and has one child with another due in February, 2022.

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