Spring into Today!

'Grounding' on sand or grass can improve our outlook and health.

"May", "Could", "Suspect", "Potentially".

With so much uncertainty in the world, it is not surprising that we often become lost in headlines featuring these common words.

And quite frankly, they make us feel... helpless.

Last weekend we all "lost" an hour of sleep and of morning light.

But here is the upside...what we GAIN is the benefit of more hours to appreciate nature during times when we CAN control the flow of our schedules - in the evenings.  With our family.

Most people are planning beach trips or summer trips this time of year in anticipation of spring and summer.  We are distracted with images of sun and beach, the sound of waves, the smell of sunscreen (that's a plug for the healthy skin consciousness we all should be aware of).

BUT... Have you ever planned a trip where you say "I cannot wait to tuck myself inside, with no sunlight and watch television all day!"  I would guess no.

WHY do we love the beach? Or hiking/skiing in the mountains?

Or even running all over Disney World?

Could it be because despite long lines or overpriced meals, we experience the most sunlight many of us get all year?

We are CONNECTED to nature. We are meant to be 'grounded'.

Look it up. It is a real thing. GROUNDING.

Grounding is an ACTUAL prescription that we should all give to ourselves.

The benefits span decreasing chronic pain, depression, and improved blood pressure.

I believe you can and will certainly change your outlook today.  You should throw some walking shoes on (or not...as grounding is BEST appreciated barefoot.)

So, go out today and make great use of the time you have in the early evenings and the weather is still cool.

Take it all in.... good old-fashioned sunlight and physical activity.

"Can", "Should", "Will", "Certainly".  Now those words are... encouraging!

Andrea G. Espinoza MD Board Certified Pulmonologist Board Certified LifeStyle Medicine

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