Recognizing the Importance of Spine Care

Recognizing the Importance of Spine Care

Your spine is crucial to your overall health and wellness. It literally impacts and controls your entire body. Your spine is made of a complex system vertebral bones, discs, ligaments, joints, and muscles. It provides vital support, allows you to walk upright, and carries nearly all your nerves within it. Nerves exiting the neck control you head position, shoulders, arms and hands. Nerves exiting the back control your trunk, legs, and feet.

Back and neck pain are amongst the most common medical problems and causes of disability in the U.S. It can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain that makes it hard to move. Spine pain can start quickly if you fall or lift something too heavy, or it can come on gradually and worsen slowly. It is also common to develop painful symptoms in the shoulders, arms, hands, buttocks, legs, and feet due spinal nerve irritation. Regardless of your symptoms, spine pain can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning and quality of life.

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Luckily, spine care has evolved over the years with state-of-the-art procedures and technologies that enable physicians to diagnose and treat back and neck pain better than ever. Our spine care specialists can treat a wide range of conditions using non-surgical, minimally invasive pain interventions and other innovative therapies based on a careful diagnosis of your pain and preferences for care. Our goal is to reduce pain, improve function, and prevent future suffering.

Chadwick Murphy MD Fellowship trained Spine Interventional Specialist

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