Men's Health

Walk With a Doc-June 2022

Let's be honest, EVERY day should be men's health awareness day, women's health awareness day and children's health awareness day. Speaking of wellness, it is very easy to get consumed with products or protocols aimed at purchasing new equipment, new memberships or new supplements.

The reality is that we already have most of the tools that what we need to prevent the top diseases. These diseases-HEART DISEASE, CANCER and DIABETES which take the lives of those we love and those in our community are skyrocketing. 

We are NOT only our genetic makeup. EPIGENETICS highlights the impact of WHAT WE EAT, HOW WE MOVE and HOW WE INTERACT with our envirnment as being the "spark"- enabling good or bad genes to be "switched on".

Come out and join us for our monthly walk to learn about 9 SIMPLE ways we can work together in improving QUALITY of LIFE. 

A sneak peek..2 of  categories are "HAVING a PURPOSE" and "MANAGING STRESS".

Come on! 

Let's Walk it Out and Talk it Out


Drs. Andrea & Luis Espinoza


Andrea G. Espinoza MD Board Certified Pulmonologist Board Certified LifeStyle Medicine

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