Importance of Sleep on the Body

Tips for a good night's rest.

As the father of a newborn again, I’m reminded how important sleep is for almost all of our bodily functions. We all know that a good night of sleep can make you feel ready to take on the world. In the average person sleep has a profound mental and physical benefit including decreased risk for depression, decreased risk of obesity, improved blood sugar metabolism, improved focus. For those with injuries, sleep can be even more important than ever. Good restful sleep allows the body to heal appropriately and gives our bodies and minds time to fully rest from the struggles of the day as well as prepare for the upcoming day. Unfortunately, pain and many other factors and distractions can often affect our ability to sleep.

Here are a few tips for anyone to get better sleep to wake up feeling more rested and alert:

  1. Exercise but preferably earlier in the day rather than prior to going to bed
  2. Turn off all screens in the bedroom and even better keep them off for an hour leading to bedtime
  3. Limit caffeine and alcohol leading up to bedtime
  4. Establish a consistent and realistic bedtime and wake time even on weekends
  5. Create a restful environment with a comfortable temperature and limited light

Implementing these simple tips can help your body (and mind) maintain their optimal balance!

Brad Holstein, PT Bradley Holstein, PT Brad Holstein is a Licensed Physical Therapist at the Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine. A New Orleans native, Brad attended Spring Hill College for his Bachelor of Science before becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant. After practicing as a PTA for 5 years, Brad continued his studies earning his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. He has spent his 7 years of clinical experience in outpatient orthopedics and has been with the OCSM family since 2019. Brad is married to his wonderful wife Ashley and has one child with another due in February, 2022.

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